50% of the LPOs we've sold (as at 1 June 2022) were previously listed by other brokers, but they couldn't make the sale happen. 

We get the job done. 

Our 4 key points of difference to other brokers:

1. Security in the deal


When working for Australia Post, Neil Hollender, the principal of LPO Brokers was amazed to witness the number of post office deals that fell through for various reasons such as finance issues, buyers rejected by Australia Post and even buyers pulling out of a deal on the last day of the training period.

This, of course caused a lot of frustration for sellers.

When Neil left Australia Post to start LPO Brokers, his mission was obvious: to provide sellers the security they need – to ensure that once a buyer was found, nothing will stop the deal from happening. As Neil was aware of the various reasons deals fell through, he knew what had to be done.

Our agency implements various operational and legal procedures to ensure all deals will go through smoothly. To date none of our buyers have been rejected by Australia Post. We were also successful in assisting compliant licensees to purchase a second LPO, which involved the preparation of a detailed business case.

2. Professional advantage

Neil Hollender, the principal of LPO Brokers, is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with a strong accounting background (Ernst&Young alumni).

The first thing a buyer will do after obtaining the financials of your LPO is take them to their accountant. The buyer’s accountant will do a review of the business. Given that Neil is an accountant, he speaks the same accounting “language” as the buyer’s accountant.

The ability to answer the accountant’s questions in a way that makes sense to them has proven extremely efficient in getting the “go ahead” confirmation. This increases the chance of your LPO being sold.

Selling 3 LPOs on a single date wasn’t a coincidence – it was the result of both a strong accounting background and first-hand knowledge of Australia Post head office procedures.


3. Zero risk for sellers


We don’t ask sellers for any exclusivity period – not 6 months, 6 weeks or even 6 days. We want LPO owners to use our service because they want to, not because they are stuck with us.


We also don’t charge any upfront fees. We are paid based on results only. We don’t get paid before you get paid – when your LPO is sold.

4. No seller involvement


Other brokers expect you to meet buyers and tell them about your business. This is not your job. This is the broker's job. Your job is to run the LPO - not sell it.

If a broker expects you to attend an inspection with potential buyers you should ask them to split their commissions with you. 

When we sell your business we will never put you in a position where you need to waste time meeting prospective buyers. 

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