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If you're considering selling your LPO, speak to Neil Hollender of LPO Brokers for expert advice

Thank you for another successful sale! This is the second time I've benefitted from your ability to sell the LPO and guide the buyer through the process with Australia Post. 

J' - St Peters LPO (2019) & Bardwell Park LPO (2022)

Our 5 key points of difference to other brokers:

1. Professional advantage

Neil Hollender, the principal of LPO Brokers, is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with a strong accounting background (Ernst&Young alumni).

When buyers obtain the financials of your LPO, they consult their accountant for a business review. Neil's accounting expertise allows him to communicate effectively with the buyer's accountant, answering questions in a way that makes sense to an accountant. This increases the likelihood of getting the "go ahead" from the buyer’s accountant, thereby improving the chances of your LPO being sold.


2. Buyer interview preparation

Neil worked for Australia Post for over 7 years, and sat on the interview panel for buyers. He saw many post office deals fall through as the buyers were rejected by Australia Post, causing frustration for sellers. To address this, LPO Brokers has developed a comprehensive process to prepare buyers for the interview.

3. Zero risk for sellers

We don't ask sellers for any exclusivity period - not 6 months, 6 weeks or even 6 days. We want LPO owners to use our service because they want to, not because they are stuck with us. 

We also don't charge sellers any upfront fees. We don't get paid before you get paid - when the LPO is sold. 

4. Admin fee

We charge a small admin fee from buyers to ensure that your financial information is only shared with genuine potential buyers.

5. No seller involvement


Other brokers expect you to meet buyers and tell them about your business. This is not your job. This is the broker's job. Your job is to run the LPO - not sell it.

When we sell your business, we don't expect you to host inspections and spend time meeting prospective buyers. 

For more information, please contact us using the form below or call 1300 382 163.

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