When you buy a post office, Australia Post will ask you to prepare a post office business plan. The business plan is used by Australia Post to make sure that you are ready to own an LPO. 

When you buy a post office from LPO Brokers - Neil Hollender, the principal of LPO Brokers will review your business plan and cash flow projections. Neil used to work for Australia Post and took part in buyers' interview process and business plan review, so he knows exactly what Australia Post expect to see when you submit your business plan and cash flow projections. 

Please note: The purpose of LPO Brokers assisting with the business plan is to ensure that the plan meets Australia Post's requirements and not to provide business consultancy advice or to otherwise advise in relation to how to operate the business.


Although no business plans prepared by LPO Brokers have been rejected to date, LPO Brokers does not guarantee that the business plan or the buyer more generally will be approved by Australia Post.