Post offices are a great business - usually very stable and secure. Unfortunately, sometimes you will not be provided with all the information you need to know before you make an offer to buy a post office.


This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. This can also make the difference between buying a profitable business and a business that will barely support your family. 

Here is just one simple example:

Some owners will present some of their taxable sales as GST free sales.

This means that the sales they present to you are inflated. You will buy the post office for a price based on inflated figures. This is going to cost you.

Accountants don't know about this. They don't understand the way a post office operates. 

This is only one example. There are many more. 

If you want to save yourself a very costly mistake, contact LPO Brokers today. 

Neil Hollender, the principal of LPO Brokers is an accountant and a post office specialist. 

Neil will do a complete review of the post office you want to buy and make sure all the boxes are ticked. A full review is completed for $795+GST. 

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